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Remains (2019)
Leeds Arts University degree show

Cyanotype prints on handmade paper, projection, video, installation

If only I could ‘come out’ on paper as on a classical canvas”- Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida 


I use alternative photographic processes to create pieces that explore the potential of the photographic object to take the place of the bodily object. Through the use of handmade paper as a medium for the cyanotype print, I make the photographic object that is meant to “congeal time” delicate and unstable. The objects themselves imply time and process; the remaining marks show that they have gone through a state of change with lines of chemicals bleeding out of the prints. My photos are not immediately static and develop beyond my control, meaning they have an agency of their own. By obscuring the ‘reality’ to which a photograph is meant to be bound, it gains the potential to illustrate more than the image that can be deciphered from its surface.

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